Why use Dakota Outdoor Advertising digital billboards?

Digital billboards are computer-controlled electronic displays capable of taking your advertising to new heights.
Digital media is the perfect solution for the advertiser who wants the option to change their message as often as they would like  during a campaign. 

Design and content uploading are included in our rates.

  • 8 second ads, with a maximum of 6 advertisers.

  • Weekly, 4-week flights, and annual showings available.

The screen of a Dakota Outdoor Advertising Digital Billboard 

is equipped with Daktronics LED technology that produces a 

high resolution, dynamic picture.


Contact us for locations, markets and availability.

*Numbers and limitations listed are based per display.


[Precision Targeting]

Dakota Outdoor Advertising Digital Billboards are located around the Bakken to deliver your message to the hard-to-reach oil and energy service sector worker and their family. 


You can target consumers near the point of sale, and put messages exactly where, when, and how audiences want to consume them.



[Audience Reach]

Three fourths of Americans rely on billboards to find places while they are traveling.


Outdoor advertising has a larger audience than any other type of advertising. People are driving farther and farther every day and people spend more time in their vehicle than they do to read the paper and watch the news.


  • At our location on Highway 85 south of Williston, a traffic count was conducted in October 2011. In one 24-hour period, there were 29,000 vehicles through the intersection — with 60% of the traffic being semi-trailer trucks. 


  • Each well requires about 2,000 truck trips in its first year of operation. On the highway running through the area, traffic has gone from 1,400 cars a day to 14,000, and it’s currently being expanded from two to six lanes.



Digital Billboards deliver rich, dynamic displays that cannot be ignored, blocked, or skipped.


They also provide advertisers the option to change the display at any time. Because of this flexibility, Dakota Digital Billboard Network is the perfect network for promoting special events, sales and breaking news.




Outdoor advertising has a lower cost per thousand than any other type of advertising.


Outdoor ads cost 80% less than television commercials, 60% less than newspaper ads, and 50% less than radio ads.


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