Dakota Outdoor Advertising is an out-of-home advertising company with billboard locations in North Dakota, Montana and Wyoming. Our quality static and digital displays are ideal solutions for local, regional and national advertisers looking to interact with their target audience on the go.


Static Billboards

Traditional static billboards are large advertising displays that deliver messages to your target audience 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Available in a variety of sizes, formats and locations, these boards offer steady visual recognition.


Digital Billboards

Digital billboards are electronically-controlled displays capable of taking your advertising to new heights. Located in high occupancy areas, these boards are an optimal solution for advertisers looking to change their messages throughout the campaign. 

Graphic Designer Working

Design Services

Don't have a graphic designer at your disposal? Let us help! Our team will work with you to include all the design elements you need to make your creative stand out. Design and content proofing are included in our rates.


Commuter Centric

Strategic Locations

Target Audiences

Illuminated Billboards

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