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Static Billboards

Traditional static billboards provide maximum exposure for target audiences on heavily traveled urban and rural highways. These permanent billboards come in a variety of sizes and ensure your ad is always visible for commuters on the go. They build familiarity with your brand so customers will think of you first when making purchasing decisions. Static billboards are also extremely advantageous for directional messaging to let customers know when they are nearing your business.  

Digital Billboards

Digital billboards are an excellent option for advertisers who want the ability to update a message or promotion throughout their campaign. With no production or installation costs, creative can easily be changed within minutes and offers the perfect medium for special events, limited time sales and breaking news coverage. Located on busy highways, major intersections and city streets, these computer-controlled electronic displays offer powerful and dynamic features. 

Bus Shelters

These large, portrait style posters are ideal for promotional, directional, residential, and point-of-purchase advertising where other forms of Out-of-Home are not available. Use them individually or combine them with other advertising options, such as traditional static or digital billboards, to create a multi-dimensional campaign for your business. With nighttime illumination in every bus shelter, this effective advertising tool ensures your message is delivered 24 hours a day.

Bus Shelter Maps

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Airport Displays

Airport advertising is a clever choice for targeting audiences that travel frequently for business or leisure. Many commercial flyers will spend up to two hours at the airport between flights, which means you'll have a captive audience while people explore the airport until it's time to board. This provides extra exposure for your airport ad and a higher probability of a visit to your store and website. Digital networks, static displays, kiosks and immersion displays are all available at the Great Falls International Airport. 

Airport Maps


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