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Hello from Dickinson, North Dakota!!! Board 168-2 here with some great news!!!

Sometimes in life we wonder if our purpose goes noticed. I stand here day after day, watching oil riggers, truckers, vacationers, residents, and so many more drive past me. The occasional eye contact is made, but truly I wonder are they seeing my content? Is it registering?

Then it happens!!! It is an innocent as an email coming in to say, "We got the result we were looking for.", but this time it is so much more. You see we decided at Dakota Outdoor that we would help the communities we stand in, not just as a venue for advertisers to get their word on the street and products before your eyes, but for real make a difference when we can. That is why we donate time to the Dickinson Police Department. Captain Joe Cianni and my designer, Arika Sanders worked together to create and post this ad on my face.

Within less than a week Arika got word that the perp had been captured. The content was removed and a big 'CAPTURED' was posted in it's place, thanking the community for their help.

Needless to say, this one moment reassured me that all my standing around, lighting up the night, and relentlessness against the wind and elements of the North Dakota plains has been well worth it! I look forward to sharing more stories like this with you! Keep checking back and if you would share this story as I want to share it with as many people as I can, but I just don't have the legs to do it - pun intended. ;)

This is billboard 168-2 signing off!

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