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Stand out from the crowd with unique, dynamic messaging w/ Dakota Outdoor

Who isn’t familiar with billboard advertising and the concept of taking an empty space strategically placed along a major roadway and filling it with words and pictures to attract the attention of a passersby? It’s a concept that dates back to the 1830’s when American roadside advertising was generally local. The American billboard industry was established in the late 1860’s and by 1870 nearly 300 small sign-painting and bill posting companies were in operation. Billboard advertising was simple, effective, and completely static until 2005 when the very first digital billboards were installed. With the advent of digital, the billboard’s message became flashier, brighter, easily adaptable and more dynamic. Advertisers loved the fact that they can change their advertising so quickly and easily, and still be cost-effective. This flexibility is what makes digital advertising shine. And dynamic messaging makes it shine even brighter! So, what exactly is “dynamic messaging” and what can it do for your business? Dynamic messaging incorporates text and images from updated news and information sources, giving advertisers the power to engage audiences with a number of different real-time content options. For instance, a retailer can count down the days until Christmas, or a convenience store can post the current gas prices. A message based on the time or temperature will lure potential customers to a restaurant for a steaming cup of coffee on a cold day or a juicy burger and fries at lunchtime. A stock broker can educate potential clients by broadcasting stock quotes, while businesses can display positive social media messages from satisfied customers. Dynamic messaging helps your ad to stand out from the crowd because it can be tailored for ultimate relevancy to your viewers. The possibilities are virtually limitless, so what are you waiting for? Call a DOA sales rep today, to learn how your business can shine brighter with dynamic messaging.

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